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We’re all familiar with using music streaming services like TIDAL on our phones. With both TIDAL and Deezer (and I’m sure many others to follow) now offering lossless or even high-definition audio as part of their services, any died-in-the-wool audiophiles (the kind for whom anything other than a 12” vinyl disc would be considered sacrilege) are now not just accepting streaming, they are positively seeking out ways to build such premium audio quality into their existing home systems.

Now, Cyrus has teamed up with Google and TIDAL to bring streaming to their highly acclaimed Cyrus ONE with uncompressed, unrestricted quality. It’s available until the end of the year at a special promotional price through our participating dealers and to celebrate this, we’re giving one set away.

The Cyrus ONE is a remarkable audio product offering prodigious amounts of power – capable of driving speakers costing tens of thousands of pounds, for little more than a hi-fi starter system. Cyrus ONE also has a built-in ‘phono-stage’ – a high-quality pre-amplifier that allows direct connection of a ‘turntable’ (so vinyl junkies won’t be restricted too much in choice). The addition of Google’s Chromecast and a free three month subscription to TIDAL Hi-Fi (their £20/ month premium service) completes the package.

Using Chromecast Audio with the Cyrus ONE is a revelation. Firstly, one of the remarkable attributes of the diminutive device is the quality of its on-board Digital to Analogue Converters. (DACs) – Google use a high specification audio DAC – a chip considered by most audiophiles to be more than up to the job of reproducing high-quality and high-definition music. Secondly, and perhaps of more importance, is the ease of use. Google has perfected the seamless integration with apps such as TIDAL, and even Deezer or Spotify, making sure that although your complete system control is handled in the phone, track selection, volume etc., the data comes to the amplifier via a direct connection to the internet from the Chromecast – completely uncompressed and it couldn’t be simpler to use.

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Cadence allows you to wirelessly browse and select music through your Cyrus unit. Control most of the playback functions of your Cyrus streaming unit with a flick or tap of a finger on your phone or tablet.
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