Build your ultimate music experience and improve your system with some additional enhancements. A dedicated power supply will further improve the quality of sound produced by ensuring a smooth DC power feed. Improve your DAC by upgrading to the Qx DAC module to convert your digital sources to analogue in fantastically high detail. The difference will be noticeable straight away. And to make life easier, control all of your Cyrus system from our beautiful iR14 remote allowing you to control everything from one sleek controller.


PSX-R₂ provides an extremely smooth and stable DC feed allowing any partnered component to achieve its full potential. Perceive new levels of fine detail with the PSX-R₂ allowing you to comprehend subtle emotional nuances that expose the performer’s emotion and passion.

Qx DAC Module

The Qx DAC is a circuit board of high end DAC components which converts your digital sources to analogue in the highest possible resolution available. Although it processes the best 24-bit files in high resolution, the Qx DAC makes the most of any input you supply it with.

iR14 Remote Control

The Cyrus iR14 gives you full control over your Cyrus equipment and other infrared devices in your home. It can easily become your only remote, by learning the functions of up to two other remote controls.With a stylish design, intuitive layout and backlit keypad that responds to your every movement,…

Cyrus Cadence App

Cadence allows you to wirelessly browse and select music through your Cyrus unit. Control most of the playback functions of your Cyrus streaming unit with a flick or tap of a finger on your phone or tablet.
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