Integrated Amplifiers

An amplifier should be the focal point of all high performance entertainment systems. Cyrus recognises every customer has a unique requirement for their system and that these needs often evolve over time as peripheral equipment advances. Customer choice and future flexibility are constructive assets which we include in our design thinking.

The latest versions of our award winning integrated amplifier have been designed to include options such as higher power output, a choice of built-in digital decoders, more inputs, paint finish and matching components to boost performance.

8₂ DAC

The 8₂ DAC is our most flexible integrated amplifier. A high quality and scalable design provides an impressive 88 Watts per channel, and includes six analogue inputs which you can individually name from a list of options in the set up wizard. Also included is a great headphone facility and…


The 6 DAC is our award-winning high quality amplifier and digital to analogue converter offering 57 Watts per channel. Its built-in digital to analogue converter reads the highest 24-bit files and transforms them into the music your speakers love in high definition.

Selecting options is easy, but if you would like some advice while choosing, our approved retailers are all Cyrus trained to help you select the best options for your home. If you would like to learn more please visit a store and they will be happy to demonstrate each of the options to you and let you hear the acoustic benefits they offer.

A carefully designed top quality digital section has been built into the amplifier using a respected Burr Brown 24-bit/192k IC and a special Cyrus power supply. This gives 5 digital inputs that enable the amplifier to connect and dramatically improve the sound of your Computer, DVD player, TV or other digital source. Each upgraded to outstanding Cyrus quality.

Would you like to upgrade to a higher performance DAC?
Upgrade the sonic performance further with a higher performance digital converter. This uses a superior converter IC plus upsampling techniques to boost sound quality of all connected digital sources. (Available on 8₂ DAC)

The effects of the high end DAC components used in the Qx DAC board are instantly noticeable; you will hear new details and enjoy clearer and more defined higher frequencies.

Improving resolution further.
Cyrus’s biggest selling model is a separate power supply we make in a matching alloy chassis. Once you select the higher power amplifier it is possible to add the PSX-R₂ power supply to substantially upgrade the amplifiers resolution and dynamics.

Please visit our Support section for FAQ’s.

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