Amplifiers FAQ

Q. What is the 'Qx' upgrade for the Cyrus amplifier series?
A. The 'Qx' option upgrades an existing DAC with a reference-quality 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC. This effectively upgrades the performance on all 5 digital inputs with technology taken directly from our flagship DAC XP Signature, and offers the highest quality sonic upgrade to all digital inputs, including USB.

Q. What can I connect to the USB input?
A. The USB input on the DAC enabled series is a 'slave' input. This is designed to be connected to a computer which will see the amp as a USB soundcard. This means that the amplifier takes over all sound duties from a computer, so everything you would normally hear on your computer loudspeakers is re-routed through the Cyrus integrated amplifier. This is not designed for iPod, USB memory sticks, or anything other than a computer and cannot be used with these products. The USB input is also hardware-limited to 16-bit/48kHz signals. High resolution music should be streamed via a connected streaming media player.

Q. Can I connect my television or Blu-Ray player to the DAC-enabled product?
A. You can indeed connect a television or Blu-Ray player if they have either an optical or coaxial digital output. You will need to make sure that they are set up to run in PCM stereo mode as a multi-channel signal such as 5.1 surround cannot be decoded by the amplifier. Please consult the user guide of your product to find out how to convert the signal into PCM stereo.

Q. What bit-rates does the DAC support?
A. Both the standard DAC models and upgraded Qx DAC models support stereo signals up to 24-bit/192khz on the coaxial and optical inputs. The USB input will accept signals up to a maximum of 16-bit/48khz. The Qx DAC will upsample any signal to 192kHz for optimum sound quality.

Q. Can I connect my Sky box / PVR / Sonos / Apple TV device?
A. As long as your product has a digital output, then you can send this signal to your Cyrus DAC. You may have to check the user settings to ensure that it is outputting a Stereo PCM signal as the amp will not be able to decode a multi-channel signal.

Q. Can I listen to HD audio on the USB input?
A. Because the USB input only supports up to 16-bit/48khz signals, you will not get the full benefits of a 96/176/192khz or 24-bit recording. Where possible use the coaxial or optical input for best results.

Q. Can I integrate my amplifier into my home cinema?
A. If you label an input as 'AV DIRECT', this will lock the volume control at a high level on that input so that you can connect an AV product using front L+R pre outputs into the input. This will allow volume control via the AV product rather than needing to set the volume yourself for the front speakers. Please note that this function should only ever be used with an AV Processor with volume control!

Q.If I only use 2 inputs can I speed up how I access them?
A. If you find it takes too long to scroll through to your input of choice, labelling your unused inputs 'No Source' will skip that input when moving along the input list.

Q. Pressing the CD or streaming button on the remote control does nothing...
A. These buttons will only function when an input on the amp has been labelled with the corresponding input name e.g. 'CD'. You can do this for any of the 11 inputs.

Q. What is Zone 2 and how do I use it?
A. The selectable Zone 2 function allows a source to be routed externally from the amplifier. The signal is a line level output for use in another amplifier or a source with analogue input. This can also be used to connect a headphone amplifier to the amp if you have high specification headphones.

Q. I am having difficulty reading the screen
A. The menu can be customised to view either both volume and input name, large volume or large source name display. This can easily be chosen in the setup menu.

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