CD Players FAQ

Q. Will my Cyrus CD player play CD-R compilations that I have made myself?
A. Cyrus CD players will play most CD-R* (write once) discs, but the discs must be 'closed session' recordings. Many CD-RW discs are also supported, but again the session must be closed after writing to the disc.

Q. Will my Cyrus CD player play MP3 files?
A. No, this type of compression system is designed to enable compact storage of music files on a computer with a consequential loss of sound quality. Music on CDs must be in WAV format for a Cyrus CD player to read it.

Q. What is Servo Evolution?
A. At the core of our CD players is our unique Servo Evolution engineering. The Servo Evolution 'engine' is the most accurate CD data recovery system in the world and has been specifically developed for audiophiles to deliver a far superior CD performance. Where a standard CD player will rely on error correction to fill in the gaps when data is not correctly read, a Cyrus CD player is specifically designed to pick up far more data ‘right first time’ to ensure that the resulting signal is as detailed as possible.

Q. What is the best way to upgrade my CD player?
A. If you have a compatible model, our PSX-R2 can be added to further improve the sound quality from your CD player, bringing benefits in resolution, detail, and sound staging. Alternatively, you may wish to consider upgrading to a higher specification model. Full details can be found here.

Q. Why can't I upgrade my CD Xt Signature with a PSX-R?
A. The CD Xt Signature has been designed effectively with a built-in separate power supply, enabling separation between the motor and precision audio circuits. This is not possible on all Cyrus models but this enables the CD Xt Signature to achieve its best possible performance without the need for a separate PSX-R2.

* Any copying/ripping of CDs must be carried out in accordance with copyright law. Consent from the copyright owner may be required. Cyrus Audio Ltd is not responsible for any data reproduction carried out in breach of applicable laws.

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