Q. What signals can Cyrus DACs accept?
A. Any digital stereo PCM signal up to, and including, 24-bit/192kHz can be used with a Cyrus DAC. In the case of the DAC XP models, these also feature a pair of analogue inputs which will accept any stereo analogue signal.

Q. What is the difference between the DAC X models and the DAC XP models?
A. The DAC X models are our highest performance DACs (Digital to Analogue Converter), and represent our most accomplished DAC technology. These models are capable of taking an input from almost any digital source and enhancing the sound to ensure the best audiophile sound quality is reproduced. The DAC XP range contains exactly the same advanced DAC technology alongside our highest specification pre amplifier, designed in such a way that the two circuits actually complement each other and benefit from the single case. The latest DAC XP Signature is designed to be the ultimate performing control/switching input device of any audiophile hifi system.

Q. What can I connect to the DAC?
A. Our DACs feature six digital inputs (four coaxial, two optical), an optical output, a fixed line output, two pairs of balanced outputs and a PSX-R socket. The DAC XP models feature all of these plus two analogue inputs and two pairs of RCA pre-outputs. Such a wide range of inputs and outputs allow connection of almost any digital or analogue equipment from CD players and televisions, to tuners and phono stages, ensuring the absolute best sonic reproduction from your system.

Q. What does the digital roll off setting do?
A. This setting can be changed to alter the shape of the digital filter used by the DAC, and selecting either fast or slow roll off will alter the sonic characteristics of the digital conversion process. It can be thought of as a very subtle tone control.

Q. Why do Cyrus DACs not feature a USB input?
A. Our range of DACs are designed to offer the highest possible sound quality from your hifi system. Connecting a computer via a USB interface can introduce unwanted noise and signals from a computing product not designed for audiophile music reproduction, and as such this is not the best way to playback your digital music library on your hifi system. Instead, we recommend a streaming media playerconnected to your DAC via a digital input as the best way to reproduce your digital library without compromising on sound quality.

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