Lyric FAQ

Q. Can I use my turntable with Lyric?
A. Yes, but you’ll need a separate phono preamplifier too. The preamp can be connected to the analogue inputs on the rear of Lyric.

Q. Can I connect my power amp to Lyric?
A. Yes, you simply need to ensure the Lyric’s analogue output is set to be volume controlled. From the Main Menu, select Setup, Speaker Config, then 2.0, and ensure the option Variable Output is selected.

Q. How do I charge my iPad/iPhone/iPod through Lyric?
A. Simply connect your device to the front or rear USB inputs and select the appropriate auxiliary input. Another source can then be selected (as long as it is not another USB input) and charging will continue.

Q. Some of the options are greyed out and unavailable on the setup menu. Why is this?
A. When Lyric is first switched on, some of the internal electronics will still be initialising even when the controls become active. After all of the components have fully booted up (this takes about 30 seconds), all of the options in the setup menu will be available.

Q. How do I update my firmware?
A. You can find the firmware version installed on your Lyric by selecting ‘About’ in the setup menu. You can update it to the latest version by following the instructions here.

Q. The backlights on my Lyric remote control are continually flashing. What should I do?
A. This denotes that your batteries are running low. Remove the batteries, leave the remote for ten minutes, and fit new batteries. We recommend the usage of rechargeable batteries if the remote is in a position where it may be moved often, as the motion-sensing backlight will drain the batteries.


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