Power Supply FAQ

Which models can I use my PSX-R/PSX-R2 with?
The PSX-R and PSX-R2 both support all PSX-R compatible models. Check with the system compatibility guide if you are not sure or contact your local Cyrus retailer. Please note that the original PSX is for use with the Cyrus 2 and LFAU and cannot be used with current models.

What will a PSX-R do for my Cyrus products?


A PSX-R2 connected to the CD player provides a smooth battery-like DC current to the transport mechanism, removing the internal power supply from the task of motor control and allowing the CD players own power supply to focus on the sensitive audio circuitry in the DAC and analogue audio stages.

Integrated Amplifier
By taking over the pre amplifier stage, the PSX-R2 allows the amplifiers internal power supply to focus on the power amplification circuitry. By effectively splitting the power supplies into pre and power sections, some of the benefits of a separate pre/power system are achieved.

Stream XP, Stream XP2,Stream Xa
Adding a PSX-R2 to these models will provide a clean, smooth power supply to the delicate circuitry within the analogue section. This ensures that the streamer is provided with the best possible signal to the connected amplifier(s), maximising the sound quality.

Pre amplifiers
The addition of the PSX-R₂ to the pre amp provides a cleaner smoother mains current to the audio circuitry. Although the 300VA transformer may seem overkill for a pre amplifier but the improvement it makes really must be heard to be appreciated.

DAC X Signature
The PSX-R₂ takes over the analogue filter stages of the DAC to improve the signal quality to the output stages of the DAC X Signature. A demonstration of this upgrade shows just what a difference the PSX-R₂ can make to this model.

DAC XP Signature
Like the DAC X Signature, the PSX-R₂ powers the filter stages of the DAC XP Signature, further separating the DAC and pre amp power supplies to make the DAC XP Signature the highest performance pre amplifier in the Cyrus range. The PSX-R₂ further boosts the quality of this audiophile digital component.

X Power
The PSX-R₂ takes the X Power to another level of power amplification. By providing clean and stable power to the audio output stages, and separating control and audio signal power supplies, the PSX-R₂ really boosts the finesse of the X Power. This translates into even smoother treble and mid-range performance and a faster, weightier bass response.

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