AV Systems

AV 5 - Digital AV Decoder

Digital preamplifier and AV decoder in one small enclosure. This versatile unit may be added to an existing Cyrus system or be specified as the main system control amp. Nine inputs provide top quality sound for the latest DVDs and off air program material including Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby…

AV 8 - Digital AV Decoder

The Cyrus AV8 represents a high end solution for music enthusiasts wishing to incorporate home theatre. featuring high quality DTS decoding with multi-channel mixdown options, Dolby pro Logic II decoding for seperate, full band-width left & right surround channel decoding, Pro Logic II Movie & Music mode support. The interactive…

AV Master - Digital AV Decoder

The Cyrus AV-master was the state-of-the art audio processor that was primarily designed for the ultimate in sound quality for decoding multi-channel AV source material.  For the Cyrus stereo enthusiast with a serious interest in Home Cinema the AV-master provided the natural addition to his established Cyrus stereo system. With four…

Cyrus Cadence App

Cadence allows you to wirelessly browse and select music through your Cyrus unit. Control most of the playback functions of your Cyrus streaming unit with a flick or tap of a finger on your phone or tablet.
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