AV 8 - Digital AV Decoder

The Cyrus AV8 represents a high end solution for music enthusiasts wishing to incorporate home theatre. featuring high quality DTS decoding with multi-channel mixdown options, Dolby pro Logic II decoding for seperate, full band-width left & right surround channel decoding, Pro Logic II Movie & Music mode support. The interactive set up menu simplifies the initial set up of the AV8 by automatically and accurately aligning the main sound channels using the supplied microphone. Optional two or six channel upgrade provides audiophile passive pre-amplifier operation for the highest quality audio system option.

The AV8 has Auto detect decoding system which automatically selects the correct decoding system. With 9 Digital/analogue inputs the AV8 becomes the control centre for a complete high-end audio-visual system.  System inputs may be named to match the chosen input sources for ease of use. Fully automatic level alignment Accurate, instant alignment of main sound channels using a miniature microphone (supplied).  The AV8 measures the distance between listener and speakers, applying precise time delay compensation to each channel with Dolby Digital decoding that is essential 5.1 decoding for DVD movies with speaker size selection DTS decoding with mixdown. High quality DTS decoding with multi-channel mixdown options, Dolby Pro Logic II decoding for separate, full bandwidth left & right surround channel decoding, Pro Logic II Movie & Music mode support selectable for Movies or Music.  Configurable Pro Logic II Music mode for remote setting of Centre Width, Dimension and Panorama options.  Stereo + Sub mode - Selectable option to enhance stereo sound with small speakers.

Technical Information


Four co-axial digital
Two optical (TOSLINK)
Three stereo analogue inputs
Calibration microphone

Front surround 
centre and subwoofer channel audio outputs
Audio record line output
Digital co-axial output

Power Supply - 40VA Toroidal transformer
Communications - MC-BUS System BUS


Multi-channel decoding systems - Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II, PCM linear
Analogue input sensitivity - 2V  47kΩ
Digital input sensitivity - 500mV pk-pk 75Ω
Output voltage - 3.9V max all channels
Tape output voltage - 2V max
Signal to noise ratio - -90dB Awtd vol @ max, -117dB Awtd vol @ -28dB to min.
THD - 0.005% Digital input, 0.006% Analogue input
Frequency response - 3Hz to 20kHz
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Finish - Silver or Satin Black

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