DVD 6 - DVD Player

The DVD 6 provided excellent value and performance. Unlike many DVD players that fail to satisfy when attempting to play CDs the DVD 6 benefits from Cyrus’ acclaimed experience in audio design. Superb picture quality is achieved by careful tuning of the video circuitry to provide subtle detail in the…

DVD 7Plus - DVD Player

DVD 7 is one of the world’s finest DVD players featuring superb video performance. It is also an excellent high-end CD player capable of impressive performance within a top-flight audio system. Like all Cyrus video components the DVD 7+ is very easy to operate as we have hidden the more…

DVD 8 - DVD Player

The DVD 8 was terrific fun to develop because it was one of those projects where the brief allowed the engineers to aim for the very highest quality with a very wide cost constraint. Building on the highly-regarded DVD 7, the engineers decided to evaluate components in the video circuit…

Cyrus Cadence App

Cadence allows you to wirelessly browse and select music through your Cyrus unit. Control most of the playback functions of your Cyrus streaming unit with a flick or tap of a finger on your phone or tablet.
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