8 XP

 The Cyrus 8 XP is our best integrated amplifier. It provides an impressive 70 watts per channel, through an expertly engineered circuit finely tuned to provide our trademark sound quality. Six analogue inputs and two zone playing capacity make the Cyrus 8 XP a versatile integrated amplifier – and you can rest assured the sound quality is well above par too. All of the components in our products are subjected to rigorous listening testing to find those which provide the best possible sound quality. This integrated amplifier is no different, and it boasts filtering and circuitry techniques which stem from 30 years of research into how we can get the most detail and energy from your music.  
The Cyrus 8 XP uses a highly engineered power supply design which provides huge peak power output (190W peak power into a 1 Ohm load) producing a sound which competes favourably with amplifiers of double its conservatively rated 70W RMS specifications.  Multi zoning capabilities allow you to play two sources through this integrated amplifier at once - meaning it can transform the sound throughout your home. The amplifier’s powerful onboard software system allows the customization of many features including individual input sensitivity matching and multiple display modes.  Now you never have to settle for low sound quality again! Our best integrated amplifier, the Cyrus 8 XP is well suited to the CD 8 SE2. It can be paired with a PSX-R to give it a boost, or upgraded when your thirst for that pure hi-fi sound wants more.  

Technical Information
As with all of our products, the Cyrus 8 XP can be connected to our other systems via our unique MC-BUS connectivity.
Inputs – 6 analogue Outputs – Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers Power - 350VA transformer
Power output – 150W per channel into 4 Ohms; 70W per channel into 8 Ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 6.9kg

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