CLS 50 - Loudspeakers

The new CLS 50 is a stand mounted speaker of only 8.5 litres designed for the growing need for a small high performance speaker to partner our top quality Cyrus systems.

Key Features of CLS 50
High performance matched drivers
Powerful 100 watt power handling
Choice of cabinet-matched natural wood veneers
Bi-wire/Bi-amp upgradeable close tolerance crossover

Equally at home with our integrated Cyrus 8vs or advanced bi-amped Cyrus high-end systems, the CLS 50's high performance engineering ensures wonderful music from a compact enclosure.

H.F. Driver 
The 1” silk dome tweeter achieves high linearity and low hysteresis due to an unusually large surround. The surround acts as a second radiating element in addition to the dome. Careful optimisation of the moving structure and its faceplate loading has allowed exceptional control of the drivers directional characteristics. The result is excellent integration between the two drivers. Low viscosity ferro-fluid is used to increase the power handling while preserving micro detailing and stereo focus.

Bass-Mid driver
The 5” bass unit incorporates a number of technologies combining to provide extremely high performance for the size of the driver. A specially shaped termination to the cone controls resonance allowing natural voicing even under high power. The vented magnet and coil former reduces compression and improves resolution. An advanced polymer chassis material stops “ringing” in the basket of the driver.

Dual Gas-flowed Port 
The dual gas-flowed reflex port is borrowed from the CLS70 and enables us to allow this compact box to provide stronger and more controlled bass than would normally be prudent for the size of the cabinet.

High specification components, the hidden benefit Cyrus specifies unusually close tolerances (5%) for all of our drive units and crossover components. We also test every pair of HF drivers for matching Left/Right before assembly. This means that unlike most speaker manufacturers we produce fully matched loudspeakers. It is this attention to detail that ensures consistency and provides confidence to the consumer that what they purchase performs as the design team intended and not a mass-produced approximation of the original idea.

Technical Information


Enclosure MDF with a selection of real wood veneer finishes.
Grille Removable, with cabinet clearance to avoid grille vibration.
Damping Dual layer, deep sculptured polymer.


L.F. Unit - 5" (127mm) with vented magnet and coil former. Low resonance advanced polymer chassis material.
H.F. Unit - 1” (25mm) exposed silk dome, L/R channel matched.
Cross-Over - Second order, high-grade components.
Input Connections - Bi-wirable multi-way binding posts.


Enclosure Type - 2-Way Reflex Loaded, stand or bookshelf mount.
Frequency Response - 50Hz to 20kHz -3dB Point 55Hz
Sensitivity - SPL/m/2.83V 86dB
Cross-Over Frequency - 2.5kHz
Effective Volume - 8 Litres
Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier - 40-100 W/Ch
Cabinet Dimensions - (W x H x D) 180 x 295 x 295 (mm)
Finish - Maple, Cherry or Black Ash real wood veneer

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