Icon X4

The Icon X4 is made from hand crafted English Maple cabinets, aluminium extrusions and superb new flat loudspeaker technology to create a truly stunning modern loudspeaker of outstanding performance.

Using the next generation of the unique DML driver, the Cyrus SurfaceSound™ X4 panel, the new 9 element carbon-fibre alloy honeycomb panel features 4 "exciters" that drive the Distributed Mode Panel creating modal energy across the panel. The panel covers 400Hz to 20kHz and the DML technology means the X4 panel is the equivalent of a 46CM dome tweeter! No sweet spot or beaming here. The die-cast chassis of the unit is a direct replacement for the original so upgrading is a synch.

Conventional speakers have a fixed relationship between the high and low drivers, uniquely the X4 Icon allows the useful in-phase output from the rear of the panel to be tuned to balance with the bass performance in the listeners room (not just the shop). This is the only loudspeaker in the world to allow this valuable tuning and it should be noted that the tuning preserves the technical excellence of the design, unlike bunging a bit of foam in the port!

Two powerful electromagnetic low mass exciters employing ferrofluid damping are mounted onto a precision die-cast chassis incorporating dual heatsinks. The driving surfaces of the exciters are bonded to a 9 element high tech laminate panel, constructed of unidirectional carbon fibre skins bonded to an aluminium honeycomb core. Even details such as the painted and printed finish were tuned to optimise performance. The precise exciter positions are critical to the performance and were defined only after extensive mathematical finite element analysis of the panel’s shape and modal behaviour across the entire frequency band.

The 11-element crossover features high performance audiophile grade, close-tolerance components mounted onto a strong 2mm glass fibre circuit board using heavy-duty copper tracking. Critical component alignment is used to eliminate drive cross-talk through EMF interaction. Fully insulated W.B.T. multi-way connectors guarantee a reliable connection system and allow connection of twin cables for bi-wiring or bi-amplification.

Icon is unique in design as well as technology. The flat Cyrus SurfaceSound™ driver is housed within a slim, tapered monolithic cabinet. These are massively strong, providing an excellent enclosure for the powerful drivers. The handcrafted cabinets are made in England using the finest matched maple or black ash veneers. The design also incorporates solid aluminium elements such as a cast base and sculpted side extrusions. The acoustically tuned grille is constructed from perforated polymer and polished aluminium trim extrusions mounted onto a strong frame held magnetically to the main cabinet. The lower reflex chamber features a reinforced dual layer front baffle providing important strength for the powerful long stroke bass driver. A semi-closed folded baffle arrangement allows the planar panel system extended freedom of placement in a room, including near walls.

The Cyrus SurfaceSound™ panel brings extra-ordinary sonic qualities that cannot be matched by any other type of transducer. These include speed and attack coupled with very high levels of detail. Seamless integration of high frequency transients with the main body of reproduced sound is possible because one single driver covers the majority of the audio spectrum. The Cyrus SurfaceSound™ panel’s uniquely consistent directivity allows a very large listening window and maintains excellent stereo images even for listeners who are well off axis. In addition the panel’s distributive mode of radiation is suited to modern DSP enhanced recordings and the intended 3D spatial effects are fully reproduced. Despite this, there is no loss of stereo focus and ambient depth on conventional recordings. Icon presents a new kind of musical experience across all modern formats.

Technical Information


Enclosure - Dual chamber, non-parallel sided tower. 
Grille - Removable, acoustically transparent polymer. Damping Dual layer, deep sculptured.


Mid/High Frequency Unit - Distributed Mode Panel using Cyrus SurfaceSound ™ technology. Dual damped Carbon-fibre skins constructed as a balanced laminate on an aluminium honeycomb core. Precision die-cast aluminium chassis with integral heat-sink. Twin 25mm ferro-fluid cooled exciters.

L.F. Unit - 8’’ (203mm) long stroke air dried paper cone. 2’’ (50mm) long throw coil in large vented magnet system. Low reflection cast magnesium basket.

Cross-Over - Second order, ultra high-grade components.

Connections - Fully insulated heavy duty 200A binding posts. Capacity for 6mm Ø cables.


Bass Enclosure Type - Reflex Loaded
Frequency Response - 18Hz to 22kHz
Sensitivity - SPL/M/2.83V 84dB
Cross-Over Frequency - 400Hz
Nominal Impedance - 6 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier - 60-200 W/Ch
Dimensions -  (W x H x D)340 x 1250 x 295 (mm)
Finish - Maple with Silver trim or Black Ash with Black trim
Weight - 24kg

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