The Linkport provides access to the entire music collection stored on your Linkserver . It can be connected to the Linkserver network via a simple Ethernet cable or with standard wireless networking components. You can have up to 6 Linkports connected to your Linkserver , selecting and simultaneously playing independent tracks around your home. Each allows either front-panel or remote control selection from the Linkserver's library of music. Linkport is also compatible with “universal” programmable remotes such as Phillips Pronto.

As with Cyrus audio systems however, you can expand still further from Linkserver Solo, adding versatile music centre components called Linkports. An additional ten Linkports can be added to the central Linkserver in your home system, via a wired or wireless digital Ethernet connection, giving a total capability of 14 different zones; each streaming music independently from the main server.

As each Linkport has an in-built stereo amplifier, AM/FM/RDS radio capability all you need to do is add a pair of speakers to set up a compact unit capable of accessing your entire music collection and radio. Again, Linkports can be upgraded later, with the addition of Cyrus power amps or even a Cyrus CD player, if you want the option of playing your favourite discs in the bedroom, kitchen or other remote zone.

Technical Information

Enclosure - Two part frame chassis with solid aluminium front panel.
Display - Large format fluorescent display
Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption - 58W
Analogue outputs - Line fixed and variable, speaker
Digital output - SPDIF coaxial
Remote Control - Full function remote control (supplied)
Communications - Ethernet to Linkserver & Internet

Audio Specifications

Audio output
Output power 2 x 15W 8Ω rms (fixed)
Output power 2 x 17W 6Ω rms (fixed)
Frequency response - 10Hz-50kHz +0, -3dB
THD - <0.1% at rated power
S/n ratio - 100dBA
Damping factor - 30 (at 8W)
Analogue audio input
Analogue line input - 150mV//150kΩ
FM radio
Tuning range - 87.50 ~ 108.00MHz (50kHz steps)
Sensitivity (mono) - 11.2dBf (75Ω IHF)
50dB quieting (stereo) - 37.2dBf (75Ω IHF)
S/n ratio - >73dB (mono IHF), >67dB (stereo IHF)
THD - <0.2% (mono), <0.3% (stereo)
Stereo separation - >45dB (1kHz)
Weight - 3.5Kg
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 93 x 205 x 280 (mm)
Finish - Silver

Manuals and PDFs

Cyrus Cadence App

Cadence allows you to wirelessly browse and select music through your Cyrus unit. Control most of the playback functions of your Cyrus streaming unit with a flick or tap of a finger on your phone or tablet.
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