Power - Power Amplifier

The Cyrus Power was an exceptionally versatile power amplifier with outstanding performance in its many optional configurations. In a basic installation the Power is an extraordinary 50W/Ch stereo amplifier with an unrivalled level of performance. At a flick of a switch and an added PSX-R this unit transforms to a fully balanced 100W monobloc, with a far higher perceived power. The Power, of course, may be upgraded by adding a PSX-R in the stereo mode with its associated enhancement in performance.

The propriety current-feedback amplifier design constitutes the basis of the Cyrus Power. Our application of current feedback principles, rather than conventional voltage feedback methods, enables ultra-fast slewing of 700V/mS and negligibly low distortion at higher frequencies. The result is an exceptional sweetness and clarity in the midband with an attractive silky top end. Finally, an authoritative bass response with convincing scale and weight underpins the overall rendition of program material.

A unique power supply rejection system using low noise active isolation techniques prevents power supply modulation imprints from reaching the sensitive low level circuitry, virtually eliminating all traces of mains related harmonics on the amplifier output.

In monobloc mode of operation the Cyrus Power fashions a massive 100W of extraordinary power through noise-free DC energy drawn from the accompanying PSX-R. The fully balanced configuration of the amplifier in this mode dispels all ground currents, enhancing the silky midband of the Power and adding further weight and scale to the bass. This, of course, is over and above the natural 3dB power thus gained.

As a duo combination with the Cyrus Pre, this high performance two box stereo amplifier outperforms most of the exotic “high end” systems on the market. Offering outstanding performance, the Power may also be used to upgrade a Cyrus III system for bi-amplification of loudspeakers or as the extra channels required for a quality AV system installation. The “Chaining” feature of the Power facilitates bi-amping or tri-amping a fuller installation.

For the AV enthusiast, the Cyrus Power was the ideal choice to drive the front or the rear loudspeakers in a Cyrus surround system. The user will always have the option to upgrade and enhance the overall performance of the system, either by adding PSX-Rs or even venturing the ultimate monobloc system installation.

Technical Information


Inputs - RCA phono or Cannon balanced
Outputs - Loudspeakers, Chain out
Power Supply - 180VA Toroidal transformer
External Highly - regulated PSX-R upgradeable
Communications - MC-BUS™ System BUS


Continuous Power - 50W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 70W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
With PSX-R - 57W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 90W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Monobloc with PSX-R - 110W/CH (into 8 Ohms)
Distortion - <0.004%, (1kHz into 8 Ohms) <0.01%, (20Hz-20kHz into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response - -3 dB at 1Hz and 100kHz
Slew rate - 700V/mS (input filter bypassed)
Sensitivity (RCA input) - 380mV (for 50W stereo into 8 Ohms)
Sensitivity (BAL input) - 775mV (for 50W stereo into 8 Ohms)
Input impedance - 10Kohm (RCA), 22Kohm (BAL)
Output voltage - 380mV (Chain out)
S/N Ratio - 110dBA
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Weight - 4.6kg
Finish - Black

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