Pre vs2 - Pre Amplifier

"It didn't take long for the Cyrus to convince me of it's extensive talents" - What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2007

The Pre vs2 is a new Cyrus preamp circuit created around our latest “Virtual Servo” or ‘VS2’ preamp developments. Because the new Pre vs2 is built on the same platform as our integrated amplifiers we have been able to achieve considerable cost savings and can therefore offer this new high performance preamp at a previously unattainable price point. New Virtual Servo preamplifier technology - This is a new generation of preamplifier designs from the Cyrus R&D lab and was originally developed for our most exotic preamplifiers. Now appearing in our more affordable models, it is based on the work achieved with our acclaimed Virtual Servo preamp. Vs2 technology is a Cyrus developed technology and is unique to Cyrus. This latest vs2 iteration includes, amongst many refinements, the latest generation of digital volume IC’s, hence vs2. Further refining our vs topology has brought very worthwhile advances over the previous model.

The new Pre vs2 is a specially developed control unit to partner our range of matching mono and stereo power amps. Featuring a special power supply, finely tuned power regulation stages and our most detailed acoustic circuit tuning, the Pre vs2 manages to combine outstanding performance with simple intuitive operation. Some of the more advanced features are hidden from immediate view. These include our intuitive speed sensing volume knob, individual input sensitivity and a high quality headphone circuit that allows you to leave your headphones permanently connected. This is useful if, like many owners, you want to listen at night, relaxing in a favourite chair.

A no-compromise development process and access to high quality components allowed the Cyrus tuning panel to open up the frequency response. This expands the preamp’s ability to recreate a large sense of scale and ambience, for the most effective system performance to date. Pre vs2 can be further improved by adding a PSX-R to provide a quiet, smooth, regulated power feed to its sensitive circuitry. Offering 7 inputs the Pre vs2 is the natural upgrade to our integrated amps, or indeed, any preamp.

Technical Information


Line inputs - 6 + Tape monitor
Pre-amp Outputs - Preamp-out (RCA phono sockets)
Tape Outputs - Tape-out
Headphone Output - ¼” Jack
Power Supply - Linear power supply with custom toroidal transformer
External - Highly regulated PSX-R upgradeable
Communications - MC-BUS™ System BUS
Remote Control Full function - supplied with Cyrus System Navigator remote


Output voltage - 940mV
Max output voltage - 9V
Preamp Output impedance - 50 Ohm
Distortion - 0.003%
Frequency Response - -3dB at 0.04Hz and 700kHz
Input sensitivity - 500mV
Input impedance - 100 kOhm
Line s/n ratio (unwtd) - 105dB
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Weight - 3.7kg
Finish - Silver and Brushed Black

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