DAB 8.0

Enjoy the uncomplicated function of the electronic program guide and record feature, and time-shift in a way that allows you the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want. This product is the perfect DAB/FM tuner

As special as the Cyrus DAB/FM tuner looks, it can’t compare with the experience of it in real life. It’s only when you touch it, listen to the sound and enjoy the easy operation that you truly appreciate how different it is. Experience it for yourself and let your senses be the judge

The DAB 8.0 is not only extremely convenient to use, but is also a top quality DAB radio with state-of-the-art features, allowing you to record your favourite radio shows. Everyone has become used to PVR’s and VHS recorders for TV and now, at long last, Cyrus can offer the same time-shifting ability. Cyrus have opened the door to a wide range of radio entertainment you miss while out of the house or busy doing something else. Whether you want to listen to your favourite radio station or record a programme while you are out, the new Cyrus DAB radio allows you to time-shift radio to suit your lifestyle. You can touch the “PAUSE” button and answer the phone without missing a single second, or even record a show to the SD card and listen to it when you have time. Whatever your favourite feature becomes, the DAB 8.0 will change the way you think about radio

What is DAB Radio? What it is not, is satellite radio or internet radio. What it is, is a new way of broadcasting  like conventional analogue radio, but better. DAB radio listeners in the UK can receive between 30 and 50 stations depending on area, which in most cases, is over double conventional analogue radio. Content of DAB radio is much more varied than analogue, with over 100 different brands of music that are currently available and unique to DAB.

What can DAB offer? Not only will DAB give you more choice, it can also provide improved sound quality. The technology behind DAB tuners enables it to lock onto the strongest signal and filter out all the unwanted information, like hiss and crackle, and present only the listening content.

No more frequencies to remember, as tuners are tuned by name. Broadcasters are also transmitting more information using Dynamic Label Segments (DLS), giving you, the listener, up to date information. Some stations are already transmitting the latest news, travel and what’s on now and next direct to the display of your tuner.

What does the DAB 8.0 give you? The Cyrus DAB 8.0 features band III DAB decoding, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), letting you select and plan your listening up to one week in advance. Pause and rewind live transmissions at the touch of a button, a timer, or instantaneous recording to an SD card, also allowing for playback of MP3 files previously stored on a SD card from a PC.

The display is a four line, alphanumeric display, which will allow DLS data that is readily available from broadcasters to be made visible. FM module is fitted, allowing you to continue to listen to conventional analogue stations and, as per all Cyrus products, MC-BUS™ is incorporated for the integration into existing Cyrus systems.

Technical Information

Outputs Analogue outputs x2, Digital TOS Link
Inputs DAB/FM Antenna
Additional USB SD Cardslot
Power Consumption - 10W
Output Voltage - 2.0V
Output Impedance - 100 Ohms
DAB Sensitivity - 9dBuV
Frequency Response (-3dB) - 42Hz, 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio (AWTD) - 83Dba
THD+N - 1kHz <0.07%
Internal memory (for broadcast pause, rewind) - 32MB
External memory type - SD-Card
External memory maximum capacity - Up to 1GB
FM Sensitivity - 5dBuV
Weight - 2.3Kg
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 75 x 215 x 365 (mm)
Finish - Quartz Silver or Brushed Black

Manuals and PDFs

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